Vampire Cleanup Department



Harking back to playful horror comedies of yore, this memorably titled film features young protagonist Tim Cheung (aka Rubbish Bin) who is inducted into a secret organization devoted to eradicating a specific breed of Hong Kong vampires who have acrobatic jumping skills, among other more standard characteristics of the breed. A forbidden relationship with a female bloodsucker creates numerous amusing and gory complications for the new recruit as the film ramps up to an over-the-top climax in a Hong Kong mall.

"Essentially a supernatural romance, VCD is modest in its ambitions and gleeful in execution, and knows exactly what it is. The film shamelessly trades in nostalgia for both the singularly Chinese creature and the goofy horror comedies Hong Kong pumped out in the 1980s and early '90s." —Elizabeth Kerr, The Hollywood Reporter

Filmmaker Bio(s)

Wing Yan-pak graduated from the Directing Department of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2007. His graduation short Hearse Driver was selected for several international festivals.

Hang Chiu-sin also graduated from the Directing Department of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. He has directed and acted in microfilms with views of more than five million on YouTube and produced Hong Kong's first YouTube reality show, which was selected as the best online program award in 2014.

Film Details
  • Country(ies): Hong Kong
  • Language(s): Cantonese, English
  • Year: 2017
  • Running time: 94
  • Director(s): Wing Yan-pak, Hang Chiu-sin
  • Producer(s): Yu Ha, Angus Chan
  • Writer(s): Wing Yan-pak, Hong Ho-wing, Kei Cheung-kin
  • Cinematographer(s): Choi Ko-bei
  • Editor(s): Wing Tong-wai
  • With: Baby John Choi, Chen Lin-men , Ho Chin-sui
  • Print Source: Entertaining Power Company Limited