Somewhere Beyond the Mist



After her parents' bodies are discovered near a local reservoir, young Connie confesses without emotion to the crime. Thus, the question at the heart of this hard-hitting debut becomes not who did it, but why. Carefully and without being exploitative, the film depicts the backstory of Connie's impoverished and abusive home life, the manner in which she manipulates a school chum into becoming her accomplice, as well as the investigating policewoman whose own personal life starts to be affected by her involvement in the case.

"Nine years after he cemented his stature as one of Hong Kong's best documentary filmmakers with the acclaimed KJ, and seven years after he tried his hand at making a fiction short with Crimson Jade, Cheung King-wai finally makes his full-length feature debut with Somewhere Beyond the Mist. It is a slow-burning masterpiece that makes you wonder why the 50-year-old didn't try this earlier." —Edmund Lee, South China Morning Post

Filmmaker Bio(s)

Cheung King-wai is a Hong Kong director and scriptwriter. In 2009, KJ: Music and Life won him the Best New Director prize at the 29th Hong Kong Film Awards and several Golden Horse Awards. In 2010, his fiction short film Crimson Jade was selected for several international festivals.

Film Details
  • Country(ies): Hong Kong
  • Language(s): Cantonese
  • Year: 2017
  • Running time: 88
  • Director(s): Cheung King-wai
  • Producer(s): Derek Yee
  • Writer(s): Cheung King-wai
  • Cinematographer(s): Leung Shu-moon
  • Editor(s): Cheung King-wai
  • Music: Hidemi Gojo
  • With: Stephy Tang, Rachel Leung, Zeno Koo
  • Print Source: Distribution Workshop