New York Times Op-Docs


Friday, November 02, 2018
6:30 p.m.

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Guests Expected

Directors Luisa Conlon, Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee, and Kathleen Lingo, Executive Producer of New York Times Op-Docs expected to attend.


The fourth edition of our annual exploration of the year's best short documentaries from the New York Times' award-winning series again shows the strength and versatility of the non-fiction form. This year's program takes us from family reflections to pressing worldly issues and beyond—even to outer space.

Films listed in alphabetical order. Program order to be announced.  

Angello Faccini, Guille Isa, Colombia/USA, 11 min
In coastal Colombia, a mother teaches her daughter how to swim so that she may harvest piangua shellfish with the other women in the village.  

Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee, USA, 30 min
The Apollo 8 astronauts recount their memories of capturing the first image of Earth from space in 1968 and the awe of seeing Earth framed against the blackness of the universe.  

I Am Bisha: The Rebel Puppeteers of Sudan
Roopa Gogineni, Sudan/USA, 12 min
Over the past seven years, Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir has dropped thousands of bombs on villages across the Nuba Mountains. This rebel is fighting the bombs with satire.  

My Dead Dad's Porno Tapes
Charlie Tyrell, Canada, 14 min
A filmmaker tries to uncover a better understanding of his deceased father through the random objects he inherited, including a pile of dirty movies on VHS.  

We Became Fragments
Luisa Conlon, Hanna Miller, Lacy Jane Roberts, USA, 13 min
After losing his mother and four siblings in a bombing that left him injured, Syrian teenager Ibraheem Sarhan and his father make a new life for themselves in Winnipeg, Canada, despite the heartbreak of leaving their home behind.

Film Details
  • Running time: TRT 80