New York Times Op-Docs


The New York Times continues to support some of the most innovative and potent non-fiction filmmaking. Join us for the third edition of our annual exploration of the year’s best short documentaries from the outlet’s award-winning series. Highlighting pressing current issues and whimsical diversions, the program takes us from the challenges of life with a loved one behind bars to the delicious terror of a high dive.

Post-screening Q&A moderated by filmmaker Dawn Porter (Trapped).

Films listed in alphabetical order. Program order to be announced.

Garrett Bradley, USA, 13 min.
What would it mean to marry someone behind bars?

The Aria of Babyface Cauliflower Brown
Tim Grant, USA, 5 min.
An independent professional wrestler philosophizes on the craft, narrative, and possible meaning found in what some consider a fake sport.

Gut Hack
Mario Furloni and Kate McLean, USA, 13 min.
To treat his chronic gastro-intestinal problems, Josiah devises a bold biological experiment that involves the exchange of bodily excretions.

Mother’s Day
Elizabeth Lo and R.J. Lozada, USA, 9 min.
Mother’s Day is a celebration of motherhood and the influence that mothers have on society. But for too many American children the holiday serves as a bitter reminder that their beloved parent is locked behind bars.

116 Cameras
Davina Pardo, USA, 16 min.
Holocaust survivor Eva Schloss preserves her story interactively so that she will be able to tell it forever.

The Shetland Pony Grand National
Cabell Hopkins, UK, 5 min.
The rules for racing in the Shetland Pony Grand National are simple: You have to be between eight and 13 years old, and shorter than five feet. 

Ten Meter Tower
Axel Danielson and Maximillien van Aertryck, Sweden, 16 min.
On a ten-meter high diving tower, fear of taking the jump is pitted against the personal loss that would arise if you didn't dare. What do we look like when we hesitate and when we make a decision? What does it look like when we overcome our fear?

Film Details
  • Running time: 77
  • Director(s): various
  • Print Source: The New York Times