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Hong Kong Cinema

This year's Hong Kong Cinema offers a remarkable quartet of first features, demonstrating the region's commitment to nurturing new talent, with the debuts themselves running the gamut in tone and style from hard-hitting drama to social realism to pulse-pounding action. Other program highlights include a toe-tapping musical biopic, a documentary portrait of an artist, and a horror-comedy about a ramshackle group of vampire hunters.


Generous support provided by Penelope Wong and Tim Kochis.


Opening Night: Tomorrow Is Another Day

Chan Tai-lee’s debut film tells the story a young man with autism spectrum disorder and the two parents struggling to look after him while dealing with fractures in their own marriage. Read More

Vampire Cleanup Department

Harking back to playful horror comedies of yore, this film features young protagonist Tim Cheung (aka Rubbish Bin) who is inducted into a secret organization devoted to eradicating a specific breed of Hong Kong vampires. Read More

I've got the blues

Renaissance man Yank Wong meets his match in director Angie Chen, an old friend who decides to make a film about him to try and uncover what drives him. Read More


Ambitiously tackling the frailties of the Hong Kong educational system, Jevons Au’s moving and nuanced drama depicts the attempt of a special needs school to collaborate with students from other schools to put on a musical. Read More

House of the Rising Sons

Based on the story of the beloved Hong Kong pop band The Wynners—and directed by its drummer, Antony Chan—this jubilant biopic is suffused with period style and rousing musical numbers. Read More

Somewhere Beyond the Mist

After her parents’ bodies are discovered near a local reservoir, young Connie confesses without emotion to the crime. Thus, the question at the heart of this hard-hitting debut becomes not who did it, but why. Read More

The Brink

With remarkable underwater sequences and a femme fatale with a penchant for setting explosive booby traps, Jonathan Li’s pulse-pounding thriller is an immediate Hong Kong action classic. Read More