Canyon Cinema 50: Guy Maddin Presents The Great Blondino and Other Delights

Guests Expected

Director of Canyon Cinema Antonella Bonfanti expected.


The purveyor of some of the most hallucinatory experiments in modern cinema, Guy Maddin turns his eye for the delectably idiosyncratic to the collection of Canyon Cinema.  Boasting a catalog of over 3,200 artist-made film and media works, Canyon Cinema has, for 50 years, been an incubator of the avant-garde, catalyzing artists and viewers to explore the outer limits of cinema. In conjunction with Canyon Cinema 50, a year-long celebration of the organization’s historic anniversary, Maddin presents a handful of delightful diversions from its catalog. Ripe with rambling charm, Robert Nelson and William T. Wiley's ’s inspired classic of the West Coast avant-garde, The Great Blondino, anchors the program, which eschews realism in favor of the ecstatic. Like Maddin’s own work, each film is a handcrafted microcosmos characterized by its artist's singular—and peculiar—vision and guaranteed to leave an indelible mark in each viewer's memory. —Kathleen Maguire

(Gary Goldberg, 1991, 10min, 16mm)

(Abigail Child, 1986, 5min, 16mm)

The Great Blondino
(Robert Nelson and William T. Wiley, 1967, 42min, 16mm)

The Divine Miracle
 (Diana Krumins, 1973, 5min, 16mm)

Film Details
  • Running time: 62

Print Source:
Canyon Cinema
1777 Yosemite Avenue, Suite #210
San Francisco, CA 94124