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Hong Kong Cinema

This year's edition of Hong Kong Cinema features an exciting mix of contemporary tales and rising pop stars with traditional yarns and household names. The program runs the genre gamut with enough action, romance, drama and thrills to satisfy all viewers. Included is one of the most celebrated films of the year, Ann Hui's The Golden Era, which closed the Venice Film Festival and is Hong Kong's foreign submission to the Academy Awards; a 20th anniversary screening of Wong Kar-wai's evergreen Chungking Express; new vehicles for Chow Yun-fat and Chapman To; the latest from directors Pang Ho-cheung and Fruit Chan; and much, much more.


From Vegas to Macau

Writer-director Wong Jing and actor Chow Yun-fat re-team in this genre-twisting and box office-busting con game tale that recalls their collaboration in one of the most influential Hong Kong films of all time, 1989’s God of Gamblers. Read More

The White Haired Witch of Lunar Kingdom

This retelling of the classic tale of star-crossed love between Wudang leader Zhou Yihang and witch Jade Raksha combines the traditional choreographic beauty of kung fu films with the latest visual effect marvels. Read More

Chungking Express

Wong Kar-wai’s Chungking Express (1994) is now twenty years old and remains one of the greatest Hong Kong films ever made. Told in two distinct parts, the film unmistakably renders the bittersweet melancholy and romantic energy of a breakup. Read More

Uncertain Relationships Society

Focusing on the intersecting emotional lives of five young people, Uncertain Relationships Society poignantly renders the familiar joys and misfires of early love, friendship and sexual stirring. Read More

The Midnight After

Sixteen passengers—a motley crew including a former soccer star and foodie, a drug addict, a bookish new age conspiracy buff, teen delinquents and a hunky guy—fill a minibus and unwittingly arrive in a depopulated post-apocalypse. Read More

The Golden Era

Selected as the closing film of this year’s Venice Film Festival, The Golden Era is master filmmaker of the Hong Kong New Wave, Ann Hui’s, exhilarating and tragic biopic of underappreciated female novelist Xiao Hong. Read More


A classic ensemble tale full of tension and bursts of humor, Aberdeen centers on the bonds and divisions within the robust Cheng clan—a family torn between traditions and modernity—and is an allegory of the makeup of Hong Kong itself. Read More

Overheard 3

One need not see the Overheard prequels to enjoy this stand-alone tale of loyalty and corruption set amidst the high-stakes and shady business of real estate development in Hong Kong’s New Territories. Read More