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French Cinema Now

French Cinema Now

Some of France's top acting talent—including Juliette Binoche, Marion Cotillard, Alain Delon and the first onscreen pairing of Isabelle Huppert and Jean-Pierre Darroussin—enlivens works by film masters, favorite figures from recent French Cinema Now and SF International Film Festival lineups, and exciting new directors in this year's celebration of all things French in film. This dynamic collection of contemporary and classic cinema takes us all over the world, from the heights of the Swiss Alps through the streets of Belgium to the banlieues of Paris, and has something for Francophile audiences of all tastes.


Paris Follies

Appearing onscreen together for the first time, Isabelle Huppert and Jean-Pierre Darroussin embody the earthy chemistry of long-married spouses in this story of a cattle farmer and his restless wife. Read More

The Last Diamond

Simon is fresh out of jail but can’t resist a chance at a soon-to-be auctioned 137-carat gem. He poses as a security consultant to get close to Julia, the woman in charge of the jewel’s upcoming sale. Read More


Director Céline Sciamma once again examines the way young women define and present themselves in this engaging look at 16-year-old Marieme, who finds herself involved a girl gang in the projects of suburban Paris. Read More

Love at First Fight

In this idiosyncratic romantic comedy, Arnaud is literally knocked off his feet when he ends up wrestling with, and nearly losing to, an intense young woman at an army recruitment event. Read More

The Good Life

Sylvain, his brother Pierre and their father Yves lead a rustic existence, in harmony with nature, away from society. But when missing children flyers appear in the nearby town, the boys realize that something’s afoot. Read More

Two Days, One Night

The Dardennes brothers have created a humanist thriller that focuses on one woman’s quest to survive while grappling with humble dreams, the daily strains of the working class and the devastating effects of a downsized culture. Read More

Love Is the Perfect Crime

When one of Marc’s students (and recent romantic conquests) vanishes, he finds himself juggling his attraction to the girl’s beautiful stepmother, the advances of another young student, and paranoia about his possible role in the disappearance. Read More

Three Men to Kill

While on his way to a high-stakes card game, gambler Michel Gerfaut comes across a solo car wreck on a country road. But this crash is no accident, and Michel soon finds himself the target of ruthless arms dealers. Read More

One of a Kind

Though he would like to deny it, Frédi has a gift for healing. One night, an accident compels him to use his talents and soon, much to his chagrin, patients start lining up outside his trailer door. Read More

The Easy Way Out

The romantic travails of three brothers are dissected with heart and humor in Brice Cauvin’s charming feature. The brothers, all in different stages of falling in or out of love, are played by some of the finest actors in France today. Read More

Clouds of Sils Maria

Mysterious and exhilarating, Olivier Assayas’s new film starring Juliette Binoche and Kristin Stewart is a triumph of precision acting and a snaking study of sexuality, acting, aging, ambition and the intermingling of art and experience. Read More