Screenings & Events

New Italian Cinema

This year's New Italian Cinema delves into issues of economic instability, cultural and familial conflict and metropolitan living. Returning filmmakers like Silvio Soldini, Giorgio Diritti and Paolo Sorrentino share the spotlight with newer directors such as Leonardo di Costanzo and Stefano Mordini. NIC 2013 also features a special three-film spotlight on Neapolitan cinema, paying tribute to one of Italy's most complex and historically rich cities. The prestigious City of Florence Award will be decided by audience ballot and announced on Closing Night.


Garibaldi's Lovers

While pointed and critical at times, Garibaldi's Lovers is also a playful, romantic and funny depiction of city life in bella Italia. Read More

Napoli 24

From over 100 proposals, the producers of Napoli 24 selected 24 directors to each make a three-minute short portraying the city of Naples. Read More

Balancing Act

The financial precariousness of middle-class life is thrown into dramatic relief in this powerful drama about life, love and family. Read More

There Will Come a Day

Depicting Augusta's journey with compassion and complexity and an often astonishing visual magnificence, director Giorgio Diritti has crafted a work of great beauty. Read More


Most people pass through the seaside working-class town of Piombino on their way to islands offshore... Read More

Cosimo and Nicole

This drama about an obsessive relationship that takes a dark turn is grounded by two powerhouse performances by Riccardo Scamarcio and Clara Ponsot. Read More

We Believed

Made to coincide with Italy's 150th anniversary celebration, this epic 19th-century costume drama tells the story of the country's path to independence. Read More

Ali Blue Eyes

Nader is a hotheaded 16-year-old of Egyptian descent, but with his blue contact lenses, blonde girlfriend and Italian best friend he is fairly assimilated. Read More

Out of the Blue

A slick ladies' man learns new responsibilities in this warm crowd pleaser from the director of 18 Years Later (NIC 2010). Read More

The Interval

Inside the walls of an abandoned Naples boarding school, a 17 year old street vendor must spend the afternoon watching over a pretty 15 year old who is being sequestered for reasons unknown to him. Read More


Returning to film's visual essence, cowriter/director Incerti depicts his taciturn protagonist's life with sparseness and immediacy, bolstered by Servillo's impeccable performance. Read More

The Ideal City

Architect Michele is a bit obsessive-he is so concerned with being ecologically conscious that he alienates many coworkers. Read More

The Great Beauty

"I wanted to be the king of the high life," says Roman writer Jep Gambardella (Toni Servillo, masterful once again), and he's mostly succeeded. Read More

One Man Up

Sorrentino's debut feature stars Toni Servillo as Tony Pisapia, an aging crooner, cokehead and lothario, frequently bedding women younger than his daughter. Read More

Closing Night Party

Celebrate closing night of New Italian Cinema after the screening of Paolo Sorrentino's acclaimed film The Great Beauty. Read More