Romeo is Bleeding


Romeo Is Bleeding follows 23-year-old Donte Clark on a quest to heal his warring city by creating a poetic vision of the future. The film pits Donte's ambitions and his genuine talent against the harsh realities of his hometown of Richmond, CA. By weaving Donte's personal journey with Richmond's history, it's evident that Donte's poetry is a result of, and a conversation with, Richmond and its dark past. Will Richmond force Donte to compromise his idealistic ambitions? Or will Donte end Richmond's cycle of trauma?

Filmmaker Bio(s)

Jason Zeldes (director) is a documentary editor and director, best known for his work on the Academy Award-winning film, Twenty Feet From Stardom. The film earned Zeldes an ACE Award for Best Edited Documentary Feature and led to other exciting collaborations, including work with the Oceanic Preservation Society on the sequel to the Oscar winning film The Cove, currently titled 6

Prior to his editing career, Jason worked as an assistant to acclaimed filmmakers such as Doug Blush, Patrick Creadon and Kirby Dick. Romeo is Bleeding is Jason's directorial debut. 

Film Details
  • Country(ies): USA
  • Language(s): English
  • Year: 2014
  • Running time: 93 minutes
  • Director(s): Jason Zeldes
  • Producer(s): Michael Klein
  • Cinematographer(s): Rajiv Smith-Mahbir
  • Editor(s): Kevin Klauber, A.C.E. and Jason Zeldes
  • Music: Michael Seifert and Jake Fader
  • Website:

2014 Documentary Film Fund Winner

FSP 1453