Martyred in the USSR


Martyred in the USSR is a documentary about militant atheism in the former Soviet Union. It tells the personal, emotional and horrific story of what people went through simply because they chose to cling to their faith, even at the risk of death. It did not matter what religion you practiced, if you believed in God in the USSR you were persecuted, and persecuted brutally. From 1917 to 1990 people of faith were shot, executed, thrown in the gulag and left to die because the Soviet Government hated religion. What makes this story extremely important is that the new generation in Russia knows nothing about their past and will deny that the brutality ever happened. You will hear first hand from people who lived in those times and you will see their stories come to life right before you.

Filmmaker Bio(s)

Kevin Gonzales (director/producer) has been in the broadcast video production industry for more than decade and has a keen eye for telling a story in a powerful way. Kevin graduated from San Francisco State University with a degree in Radio and Television Broadcast Production. His career as a news reporter led him on a three year journey in the industry that finally ended in Los Angeles at the famous KFWB in Hollywood. There he got the bug to start his own company and moved back up to the San Francisco Bay Area where he started 12 Point Productions. Being heavily involved with his church, Christian City Church, he met the Bobarykin family who told Kevin of their persecution horrors while they lived in the USSR. Thus sparked the idea for the documentary.
Film Details
  • Country(ies): United Sates
  • Language(s): English
  • Year: 2016
  • Running time: 90
  • Director(s): Kevin Gonzales
  • Producer(s): Kevin Gonzales
  • Cinematographer(s): Ben Ferrer
  • Editor(s): Kevin Gonzales, Ludmil Kazakov
  • Website:

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