Dancing with the Trickster: The Consciousness Revolution


Every year many individuals who describe paranormal experiences such as psi phenomena and hearing voices are pathologized. This injustice motivated a group of courageous scientists to research anomalous experiences including out of body experiences, past lives, shamanism, precognitive dreams and the effects of psychedelics. These researchers willingly risked their careers since their work was considered inconsequential by the mainstream scientific community which insists on predictability and control.

Now the persistence, courage and rigorous research of these pioneers are finally forcing a "paradigm shift" in our understanding of consciousness—a growing body of evidence from neuropsychology and physics suggests that they could be right. What is this shift? For decades, the reductionist view of consciousness dominated the debate. This interpretation sees consciousness as a byproduct of the brain's neural activity ultimately solved with better neuroimaging. This viewpoint dismisses experiences described by millions of people in many different cultures.

Enter our heroes who investigate consciousness by actually talking to individuals about their anomalous experiences, making independent observations and conducting experiments. This group includes Professors Stanley Krippner of Saybrook University, Dean Radin of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Allan Combs of the California Institute of Integral Studies and author Jean Houston. Their stories and work will be intertwined with first-hand descriptions of paranormal phenomena. We'll also include input from the mainstream opposition, including Dr. David Chalmers, a reductionist, who nevertheless conceded that "understanding consciousness is a real key, both to understanding the universe and to understanding ourselves. It may just take the right, crazy idea."

Dancing with the Trickster explores crucial contemporary ideas, "crazy" and otherwise, leaving the audience with a deeper understanding of the role consciousness plays in paranormal and normal experiences. Many audience members will be relieved to learn their instincts were right—there's more to consciousness than we ever imagined.

Filmmaker Bio(s)

Jesse Block (director/producer, left) is in charge of all production and post-production on Dancing with the Trickster. Owner of Crissy Field Media, a San Francisco multi-media production company, he has directed television programs for SyFy, ABC and numerous documentaries screened in various international film festivals.

Eric Olsen (writer/co-producer, right) also serves as the project director on Dancing with the Trickster, and he is the film’s designated contact for all fundraising efforts. He will be helping develop the storyboards and will provide the scripts for narrative segments as needed for the film. He'll also develop content for the website, and he is the primary author/editor for the supporting book.
Film Details
  • Language(s): English
  • Year: 2016
  • Running time: 90
  • Director(s): Jesse Block
  • Producer(s): Sanford Rosenberg, Steven Pritzker
  • Cinematographer(s): Jesse Block
  • Website: http://dancingwiththetrickster.com

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