A Little Fellow


A detective enters a dark and dimly lit old office. As the detective riffles through a cluttered desk of old photographs, documents, paystubs and work orders, he comes across the name Amadeo Peter Giannini. Observing the old documents the detective begins the mystery addressing “who is A.P. Giannini?”

Working on historical clues from photos and documents, our detective leads the audience into interviews with those who knew the not infamous, but rather “un-famous” Banking Master. After obtaining his first piece of evidence the detective sets out on foot to start his investigation.

Walking through the streets of San Francisco’s nightlife, we get a glimpse of San Francisco’s architecture and skyline. Throughout the film, the detective works to unveil how the founder of a little Italian bank out of North Beach, ultimately became the powerhouse behind America’s one time largest bank, influencer on San Francisco’s world-famous architecture, and Hollywood’s premiere movie financier.

Interviews with historians, professors of economics specializing in the San Francisco Bay Area, as well as those who knew Giannini personally help fill in the story surrounding the life and legacy of A.P. Giannini. Giannini, founder of the Bank of America was the legendary man behind the “bank with a heart.”

Filmmaker Bio(s)

Davide Fiore (director) was born in a small town near Turin, Italy, and started his freelance career in film in 2009. Davide’s first job was working for Philip Morris–Ferrari–where Davide worked filming and monitoring the setup for every grand prix event. Working Formula 1 Grand Prix allowed Davide to travel the world for a year, returning to Italy in 2010, where he transitioned into the world of music videos, linking his passion for music to his work.

Since then Davide has collaborated with major Italian music labels (Sony, Time, EGOItaly) and has worked for some artists on their public video image (Cristian Marchi, Nari & Milani). In 2013 Davide lived for a short period in New York where he worked as an editor for L’amore corto, Valentina Vincenzini's short film, as well as collaborating with Luigi Benvisto’s Jack Boar Pictures. At that same time Davide created I've Already Seen It Somewhere, a photographic exhibition on New York movie locations. In 2014, Davide directed a documentary about the story of Nari & Milani, two Italian DJs, clients of Davide’s since 2010. The film about the DJs–known worldwide for their electronic music–was distributed in Germany, Austria, Turkey, India, Korea and the United States.

In addition to his musical works, Davide has made several videos for automotive, fashion, and documentary companies. In 2016 Davide moved to Germany where he worked for one year prior to moving to San Francisco, California. In March 2017, Davide’s photographic exhibition I've Already Seen It Somewhere was hosted in Rome, and later hosted in July 2017 at Miami Beach Cinematheque. From 2009 to date, his photos have been published by Vogue Italia and can be purchased for sale at Condè Nast’s website.

Davide additionally serves as a Jury of Miami Independent Film Festival ongoing since 2015.

Anna Laclergue (producer) started her career in film in the San Francisco Bay Area. In her career in the film and entertainment industry Anna has worked on a variety of projects ranging from Independent Short and Feature films to Major Motion pictures.

In 2012, Anna moved to the East coast where she gained classical film training on set alongside esteemed actors and actresses such as Robert De Niro, Diane Keaton, Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones. She’s worked with directors such as Woody Allen and David Frankel. Upon moving back to the West Coast in 2013 Anna began managing and producing TV commercials and Direct Response Ads for national and international broadcast that would go on to make millions of dollars in revenue for their companies. Since then Anna has produced high end lifestyle brand videos for a range of clients, such as Hair Club and Mineral Air, to films with Independent filmmakers.

In 2016 Anna produced the highly controversial film The Red Pill, which was the fifth highest funded film on Kickstarter in 2015 and went on to a limited theatrical release and with worldwide distribution. Other projects Anna has helped produce are Redress – a narrative short that takes a look at the rise of racism, Redress has become a social media success gaining over 25,000 views within the first months of the trailer’s release.

With a passion for social and environmental justice and a true love for the art of filmmaking, Anna’s dream of working in the film industry is joy she celebrates every day.

Film Details
  • Country(ies): USA
  • Language(s): English
  • Year: 2018
  • Director(s): Davide Fiore
  • Producer(s): Anna Laclergue, Davide Fiore, Joseph Mancini

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