Shorts 4: New Visions

Short film program Shorts 4 : New Visions

Saturday, April 07, 2018
7:30 p.m.
Roxie Theater

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Monday, April 16, 2018
4:30 p.m.
Roxie Theater

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Total running time 70 min

Tour the globe in this presentation of new experimental film and video works from seven distinct and practiced filmmakers. Specific places – the streets of NYC, a honeymoon in Japan, the remote islands of Tuvalu, a football stadium, nuclear power plant sites in Austria, and more – connect these works and speak to larger observations of how humans have affected and interact with these spaces.

Titles are listed in alphabetical order. Program order will vary.

The small island nation of Tuvalu provides the sought-after web domain suffix that gives the film its title. On the brink of climate-change caused extinction, this film examines nature vs. technology with careful insight and humor.
(G. Anthony Svatek, USA/Tuvalu/New Zealand/France 2017, 22 min)

Atomkraftwerk Zwentendorf
Humans built nuclear power plants. And humans can stop them. Democracy is a powerful thing.
(Hope Tucker, Austria/USA 2018, 17 min)

Fair Grounds
“My momma told me that I’m just like pops” echoes over the urban, gritty scenes circling four young men. Mixed formats and quick edits create a vibrant film that hovers between hope and nostalgia.
(Ameer Kazmi, USA/France/Germany 2017, 13 min)

ハネムーンHanemun Honeymoon
A honeymoon in Japan gets examined microscopically through comics, cards, magazines, and more in this delightful animated film.
(Maya Erdelyi, Daniel Rowe, USA 2017, 4 min)

Mahogany Too
A reimagining of the 1975 cult classic film Mahogany – where dreams, fashion, and music weave together in this beautiful film shot on Super 8.
(Akosua Adoma Owusu, Ghana/USA 2018, 3 min)

Rams 23 Blue Bears 21
The camera is fixed, the people are not, as they flow out of a stadium in Kevin Jerome Everson’s take on the Lumiére Brothers’ classic 1895 film.
(Kevin Jerome Everson, USA 2017, 8 min)

This Climate
The stock exchange, the sky, customers, and pedestrians. All are observed at a distance, with care, in the newest work by Jem Cohen.
(Jem Cohen, USA 2017, 3 min)

Film Details
  • Running time: 70

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