Take a journey through the stars, in this ever-growing experimental work from filmmaker Johann Lurf. Compiled completely from film scenes of the night sky, this debut feature does not use a story or characters but instead playfully edits the scenes together—some movies more obvious in their origin than others—in an international history-of-cinema told through the constellations. Reminiscent of Christian Marclay’s The Clock (2010),  transforms into a greater romantic journey through space that is both impressive and mesmerizing.

“'I started experimenting eight years ago, and now the film is finally ready for screening. I was longing for 90 minutes of images of the night sky throughout the entire history of film, original length, format, sound. So many languages, perspectives, hopes. The age-old gaze into the sky. Dreamt, photographed, virtually pure cinéma vérité.' Lurf’s film is a pandemonium of the most beautiful and the saddest dreams, a ballet of brightly lit gas clouds, a symphony of human fears and rescue fantasies. Not just film historians, astronomers, polyglots, we all have every reason to look forward to it. To dreaming, to soaring, floating, earthily” – Viennale

Filmmaker Bio(s)

Director Johann Lurf

Johann Lurf works part-time as a projectionist, in addition to making films and installations. Among his previous works are the shorts Vertigo Rush (2007); Endeavor (2011), winner of Best Experimental Documentary at Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival; Reconnaissance (2012); Picture Perfect Pyramid (2014); Twelve Tales Told (2014); and Capital Cuba (2015). ★ is his feature debut.

Film Details
  • Country(ies): Austria
  • Language(s): In various languages without subtitles
  • Year: 2018
  • Running time: 99
  • Director(s): Johann Lurf
  • Producer(s): Johann Lurf
  • Editor(s): Johann Lurf

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