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We Are All Storytellers: A Pixar In A Box Workshop For Girls

Sunday, April 09, 2017
10:30 a.m.
The Walt Disney Family Museum



In movies, it all starts with a story, and when it comes to storytelling, the talented artists of Pixar Animation Studios are very good at what they do. With every film they produce, the characters and the worlds they create take us on emotional journeys unrivaled by any movie studio in the world. Sure, they make it look easy, but it’s something they work extremely hard to get right. Join members of the Pixar Animation Studios Story Department for a program specifically made for young girls interested in writing and storytelling. This Master Class is a special collaboration with Pixar in a Box—an incredible free online resource that gives students a chance to see how Pixar artists use math, science, computer science, and humanities as a part of their filmmaking process. We’ll begin by looking at the history of women storytellers in film. Then we’ll learn how each of them began telling stories, what inspires them, how they developed their storytelling skills, and what it’s like to do this for a living. By examining some of the films the presenters worked on, students will learn more about the Pixar story development process. Students will then jump into some creativity and writing exercises, empowering them to start thinking of themselves as storytellers and to inspire them to develop the amazing tales that they already have inside of them. Presented in partnership with the Walt Disney Family Museum.
This is a drop-off class for girls ages 10–14.
Ticket price does not include museum admission.
Film Details
  • Running time: 120