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Two or Three Things That Frighten Me in Vertigo: David Thomson Master Class

Sunday, April 16, 2017
1:00 p.m.

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Vertigo is a fear of losing our balance. But if we’re so wary, why do we long to fall into the consuming intrigue of films like Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo? If we’re anxious about falling, why do we treasure the intimidating steepness of our city? David Thomson’s exploration of what is now allegedly “the best movie of all time” will show its sinister beauty and its cruel playing with desire. But other questions arise: Why do we need to be afraid? How can the mystery of a film undermine us as well as its characters? Is this the movie we deserve? (Whatever happened to Gavin Elster?) And even if Vertigo is “better” than Citizen Kane, don’t forget that one man wrote the music for both films. They have the same sound of dread. Hitchcock’s 1958 masterwork will screen as part of the master class.
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  • Running time: 163

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