Filmmakers in the Classroom

Program Overview:

Filmmakers in the Classroom (FITC) is a semester-long program that provides on-site professional development for teachers in grades 4-12 who want to integrate media making and viewing into their classroom curriculum.  In partnership with a local professional filmmaker and SFFS Education staff, participating teachers develop customized curricula that give students intensive, hands-on instruction in media literacy, critical thinking and filmmaking. At the start of the semester, the partnering filmmaker and teacher meet for a curriculum development workshop, then team-teach a series of classroom sessions over the course of the semester. The program culminates in the production of collaborative short film projects by the students, while the teacher acquires the skills to use media effectively in subsequent classes and to develop their own future media making projects.

Eligibility Requirements:     

  • Class periods must run a minimum of 60 minutes and allow for a minimum of 10 filmmaker visits during the course of a semester, preferably on a regular weekly schedule (number of visits per week is negotiable).
  • Class size must not exceed 30 students.
  • Selected teachers must attend one full-day curriculum development workshop with their partnering filmmaker and SFFS Education department staff.
  • Teachers of all subject areas will be considered; curriculum will be adapted to meet the needs and priorities of the class selected.


  • Access to online media education curriculum resources through the SFFS FilmEd. website.
  • Acquisition of key media literacy and media making skills for use in future classes.
  • Ongoing program support from SFFS Education staff.

How to Apply:

If you and your classroom meet the above criteria, and you are interested in participating in the program, please complete an application here.


Please contact Youth Education Manager Keith Zwölfer at 415-561-5040 or