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A New Color

African American artist, educator and activist Edythe Boone had been changing the world one mural at a time for decades, when a deeply personal and national tragedy strikes.

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Night School

Night School is a feature-length documentary about adult education in the context of America's new 21st century economy. The film closely follows a handful of students over the course of a school year as they attempt to retool their skill sets and improve their lives.

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Norton the First: Americas Emperor

Emperor of the United States, and protector of Mexico, Joshua Abraham Norton reigned from San Francisco for 20 years and changed the city forever.

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Not With Standing

The story of the AIDS Vigil that started when two men chained themselves to the door of the Federal Building in San Francisco and remained there for 10 years.

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Nothing In A Rectangle Is True

Six characters explore the end of reality and the lossey digital conversion of our lives onto LCD screens.

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An impassioned American anthropologist in Mali just might have discovered the method to end famine.

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