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Fiji Time

When you are born in a land your ancestors have stolen, who are you?

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Focus on Me

Focus on Me is a collaboration between Robin, a charismatic developmentally disabled woman and her sister, Jennifer, as she struggles to understand Robin and what is necessary to keep her safe and happy.

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Freedom Fighters

There’s a new detective agency in Dallas, Texas, started by a group of exonerated men with decades in prison served between them.

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From Roses to Rivets

From Roses to Rivets traces the history of unionizing women from the Gold Rush to the present and recounts the battles in their quest to win dignity and equality in the workplace.

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From the Ground Up

Fusing the spirit of patriotic WWII-era Victory Gardens with current the D.I.Y. movement, From the Ground Up is a film project encouraging civic participation through urban farming.

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A Line in the Sand

From Wounded Knee to Standing Rock is the story of Willard Carlson and the Yuroks -- the largest Native American tribe in California -- who discovered their "Indian-ness" during the 1973 confrontation at Wounded Knee.

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Futbolistas 4 Life

Futbolistas 4 Life is a documentary about a group of teens in Oakland, California, who campaign to transform their "prison playground" into a soccer field.

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