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Dancing with the Trickster: The Consciousness Revolution

Dancing with the Trickster: The Consciousness Revolution is a feature documentary that tells the compelling story of a group of scientists who risked their careers by rigorously researching anomalous experiences such as paranormal phenomena, psi, psychedelics and shamanism with the objective of shedding light on mental states that have been pathologized.

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The Dawn Will Break

Sister Luise Radlmeier learned to face the heinous realities of a genocidal war as a young child during the Holocaust. She went on to save over a thousand Southern Sudanese orphans, many of whom were young girls, from a similar war some forty years later.

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Diana Apcar: The Lost Consul

A 19th century Armenian woman living in Japan becomes a political writer, but her predictions are ignored. When they come to fruition, hundreds of refugees cross the globe and land on her doorstep.

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The Disposable Film Festival

Selected by MovieMaker Magazine as one the world’s “coolest film festivals,” the Disposable Film Festival was created in 2007 to support and celebrate the democratization of cinema made possible by new, inexpensive video technology.

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Do I Need This?

A quirky film about consumerism, excess and what we really need in life

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In the copious volumes written about Cesar Chavez and how he formed the first farm workers' union in America, there's little mention of Dolores Huerta, although she was his equal partner and co-founder of the union.

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Drawn Together: Comics, Diversity and Stereotypes

A slim, lanky, turbaned and bearded man in his late 30s, an Anglo American woman driving her two teenage kids to school, an African American guy onscreen in a hat. Can any or all of these people be superheroes? The answer depends on how we perceive them.

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Dreams in Red

Dreams in Red attempts to capture the zeitgeist of travel to Mars, exploring the dreams of the individuals in pursuite of this goal–from eccentric multi-millionaires determined to colonize Mars to ordinary people willing to give up everything for the chance at a one-way ticket.

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