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The Oakland Police Project

The Oakland Police Project takes you inside an embattled and understaffed police department struggling to improve community relations after decades of eroding trust in one of America's most violent yet promising cities.

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Obvious Child

In this subversive romantic comedy about growing up without regret, comedian Donna Stern gets dumped, fired, pregnant and has the best worst Valentine's Day of her life.

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Of Woman Born

Of Woman Born is a one-woman, multi-sensory documentary about civilization's oldest ritual: giving birth, from the trepidations of contractions to the catharsis of delivery.

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On Life's Terms: Mothers in Recovery

Driven by the desire for custody of their children five mothers struggle to overcome substance use disorders in a gender responsive treatment program. Their intimate story reveals experiences with domestic violence, prostitution, incarceration and inter-generational relations. On Life’s Terms: Mothers in Recovery interweaves the women’s three year journey to selfsufficiency and pride with drug laws that impact mother and child.

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On The Banks of The Tigris

On the Banks of the Tigris explores the hidden history of Iraqi music and the cultural ties that unite all Iraqis across religious boundaries.

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Oscillate Wildly

When his disability check arrives much reduced, a hot-headed young gay man with cerebral palsy is forced to confront the disability he’s let define his whole being.

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Our Lady of the Snow

When the Bishop decides to sell a gothic convent isolated in the snowy woods, the elderly nuns living there begin to have ecstatic visions.

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Outstanding in the Field

Santa Cruz native Jim Denevan, son of a machinist and mathematician and one of nine siblings grew up in a family filled with artistic genius and severe mental illness. A fascination with patterns in nature and the fleeting impact of man on the earth emerged. Denevan brings people together, channeling his creativity through massive scale land art and artistic curation of the community based farm dinner tour Outstanding in the Field.

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Over The Eaves

A young boy living on a farm begins inventing strange, hand-made machines to ease the family's hard labor, but his ambitions quickly grow. When his most daring invention backfires and changes life on Earth forever, the townspeople struggle to understand whether he has done them harm or shown them what they have been missing.

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