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Jabulile Learns to Fly

A documentary about the possibility for change in society, as seen through the lives of three black women in a township in South Africa over several years.

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Left infertile by a string of failed pregnancies, Christine succumbs to a deep depression. Her marriage is strained, but her sole concern is for the life that she most recently lost.

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Jeremiah goes back to San Francisco following a term in San Quentin and quickly discovers that there's a stigma on black men returning from prison for which he has a compelling rebuttal.

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The Jerome Project

The Jerome Project is a multi-platform art history project to preserve, protect and further the artistic legacy of the late Jerome Caja (1958-1995).

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Summer is a carefree, black teenage Instagram celebrity whose world turns upside down when her mother abruptly converts to Islam and becomes a different person. At first resistant to the faith, she begins to reevaluate her identity after becoming attracted to a Muslim classmate, crossing the thin line between physical desire and piety.

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The Joneses

A portrait of Jheri, a 73-year-old transgender mobile home park matriarch, and her family in Bible Belt Mississippi. Reconciled after years of estrangement, and now living with two of her four sons, Jheri embarks on a new path to reveal her true self to the next generation of the Jones clan while her son Trevor begins a surprising journey of his own. Will their newfound family bonds survive?

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When his father abandons him deep in the Guyanese jungle, the rebellious son of a narcissistic church leader discovers a new life of freedom. His utopia is soon shattered when 'Dad' arrives with hundreds of followers. Yet driven by the universal need for a father's love he becomes complicit in the depravity he previously rejected. Can he escape following in his father's footsteps? Based on Stephan Jones's true life story.

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Joybubbles is the true story of Joe Engressia, Jr. (1949-2007), a blind telephone hacker, who legally changed his name to Joybubbles, after declaring himself “the age of five forever.” This feature-length documentary film celebrates Engressia’s eccentric life, as well as the pioneering contributions that he made to the history and tradition of technology hacking.

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Just a Piece of Cloth

Four Muslim women in the Bay Area find that their choice to wear or not wear the hijab leads them to become informal educators who challenge stereotypes about Muslim women.

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