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I Clear All

I Always Said Yes

An outspoken and articulate artist in a turbulent, passionate time, Wakefield Poole didn't think of himself as a pornographer. He was a filmmaker who used his dance and theater background to create beautiful, erotic art films that challenged the mind. Many agreed. To others, though, Poole just made dirty movies.

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I Am Translate

A film by Jordan Alport.

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The Ignition Point

Dimitri Moore

The Ignition Point is a documentary web series that explores the habitual side of human nature by collecting and presenting real stories of inspiration and addition, focusing on their ignition point. There are 7 billion people on earth, each with their own ignition point story that has the power to heal another person’s pain.

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Impacto! explores the American civil rights movement from the perspective of Silicon Valley's Chicano/Latino community.

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In My Lifetime: The Nuclear World Project

In My Lifetime is the story of the continuing struggle of dealing with nuclear weapons, the most destructive weapon ever invented

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Indian Rodeo: Original American Cowboys

Looking past the media-driven notion that a cowboy is necessarily an enemy of an Indian, one discovers that the horsemanship skills of Native American cowboys have shape all rodeo events today.

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Integral Cinema Project

A research, production and educational initiative exploring the transformative power of the moving image.

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Interactive Docs

Interactive Docs is creating a series of web-based interactive documentaries meant to educate and engage viewers by presenting them with customizable and interactive viewing experiences.

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In-World War

In-World War, a smart and offbeat indie sci-fi feature, tells the futuristic story of a debt-ridden and depressed beta tester trapped in a buggy virtual reality simulation of the war on terror.

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The Island and the Whales

The pilot whale hunters of the Faroe Islands believe that hunting is vital to their way of life, but when a local doctor makes a grim discovery about the effects of marine pollution, and the beloved seabirds start to vanish, environmental changes threaten the community and their way of life.

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