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East County

Dale Ryan is a desperate and broke real estate hustler. While chasing down a lead, he discovers two children abandoned in an empty house.

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Eat Bitter, Taste Sweet

A coming of age story exploring the journeys of three physically disabled young adults as they navigate contemporary China, seeking independence and acceptance from a society that has abandoned them at the margins.

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Elly and Henry

In 1939 Elly Glass, an Austrian woman, rescued her Jewish husband Henry from Buchenwald. The couple escaped to the United States where Henry became the architect of one of the first solar homes in America and a world famous industrial designer.

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Erdös 100

A video celebrating the 100th birthday of Paul Erdős, one of the 20th century's greatest mathematicians.

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Escaping Morgantown

A young addict arrives at a federal prison camp with a plan to turn his life around, but is drawn into the intoxicating world of a crew of seasoned inmates.

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Everybody Loves Oil

Everybody Loves Oil is the story of how one man begins to acknowledge how much of life is dependent on oil.

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Evolution Cuba

“Art for the people” collides with market forces in six short portraits of artists in the vanguard of an evolving nation.

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